VIDEO: After A Long Life In The Circus, These Elephants Are Finally Freed. How They React? AMAZING

Updated June 27, 2016

What’s every kids’ favorite part of the circus? The elephants of course! The largest land mammals on the planet are obviously one of the coolest things you’ll get to see. And when the elephants perform tricks? The act is even cooler!

But little do the kids who watch the circus know, the elephants live the lives of slaves to the circus. They’re caged up. And they’re forced to perform tricks for food. And sometimes the tricks the elephants perform are very dangerous…

Although elephants have always been a staple in the circus, that is changing. Ringling Bros. Circus plans to retire all of their elephants in 2018. Or will they…

Because of pressure from animal rights activists, the circus has decided to speed up the elephants’ retirement date to May 2016.

That’s right! When this article was written, the elephants of Ringling Bros. have been officially retired.

Although the circus group claims to have been good to their animals, they believe they deserve freedom. Forcing the elephants to perform dangerous tricks and acts in front of loud and derisive crowds is tough for the majestic creatures.

As of May 2016, eleven beautiful elephants have been transferred to a 200-acre refuge built by the circus company in Florida.

The elephants’ retirement is a year and a half ahead of schedule. The circus is doing the right thing for these precious animals who have worked so hard all their lives.

The elephants will be “permanently transferred to the Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation” in Florida, a Mashable video on the topic states.

Many videos have come forward recently that show the atrocious things circuses do to their animals including elephants. This has caused public outrage and concern. People don’t want animals forced to do something against their will.

Many people and animal rights groups have called for people to boycott the circus in light of how animals are treated.

But now the elephants have been given a new lease on life. Ringling Bros. is doing the right thing and retiring the 11 elephants to a life of leisure in Florida.

How will the elephants react to their new life of freedom? See their facial expressions in the video below!

As the elephants leave the circus, they stroll out into the Florida conservation site with so much joy and happiness on their adorable faces.

“The last 11 touring elephants from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus kicked off their retirement in Florida on Friday with a buffet brunch of carrots, apples, celery, loaves of bread and lots of hay,” the AP video description reads.

Although Ringling Bros. has done a good deed by letting their elephants retire, some animal rights activists still thing they should be sent to another sanctuary – one that isn’t operated by the circus.

What are other viewers saying? Check this out!

  • “I’m so grateful that the fight for their retirement was won. Humans have no right to enslave another animal.”

Others worry about the animals…

“who will support them for the next few decades now that there is no profit to gain from their captivity? I hope they will be okay and not forgotten and euthanized.”

Is this a good idea or does something seem wrong about it to you?

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