VIDEO: After Seeing What He Does With His Old Coffee Grounds, I’m Never Throwing Mine Away Again

Updated June 6, 2016

If you are like many Americans living in the busy and hectic society today, you may have a coffee brewer at home to help kick start your day when you are just too tired to get up and make your way to work.

As with anybody who makes coffee on the daily, that means that you must have tons of extra coffee grounds lying around, and nothing to do with them except throw them out.

Coffee grounds are actually an extremely versatile and useful substance that should be saved whenever you have extra because of the amazing things you can do with them!

If you are one with a garden in your yard, then you must want to plant some type of edible food, such as blueberries or carrots.  These two plants are just some examples of many that thrive in acidic soil making them a great way to promote healthy and strong plants.

Just scoop some coffee grounds from your container, and shake them onto the ground where your plant is sitting.  Its like steroids for your plants!

Cooking a big meal can also use coffee grounds.  When you have to end up chopping onions, potatoes, or other types of food that can cause your hands to smell a little funny, then coffee grounds can really help.  Just sprinkle some of the grounds onto your hands, then scrub under the water.  All the dirt will come off and your hands will have a nice lovely and subtle coffee scent to them!

Of course, only do this if you like the smell of coffee.

If you are one who likes the smell of coffee, then you can also place the grounds inside of your wood burning heater or fireplace.  This will incinerate the grounds and cause the entire room to be filled with the subtle aroma of a nicely brewed, fresh cup of joe in the morning.

You can also spread them over the ashes in your fireplace to prevent dust from getting everywhere!

Coffee grounds are not only loved by people for its uses and smells, but also by worms for its taste!  Keeping compost is a great idea to have amazingly fertile soil, and worms love to feed on coffee grounds.  If you take care of your worms, they will take care of you and produce the best soil your plants have ever seen!

If you have dirty pots of pans, coffee grounds can also serve as a great cleaning agent to get all of that unwanted grease and debris off of the surface.  Using the grounds as an abrasive to rub of dirt works like a charm, and the acidity level of the coffee does some special magic to help that grease come off like there is nothing to it.

If you want to learn more about coffee ground and what uses you can get out of them, check out the video below from Big Family Homestead with host Brad and put all of those grounds to use today instead of throwing them out!