Video: Boy Had Been Missing For Four Years, Then They Investigate Home. Find A False Wall

Updated August 16, 2017

In an odd situation, a young Georgia boy was found after he was missing for four years. While these situations usually occur when the child has been kidnapped, this one is a bit different as the child had been living behind a fake wall in the home.

After the boy was discovered, neighbors came forward and said that they had seen the boy on the property over the course of the four years and some even saw him cleaning the roof. But, when asked why they didn’t report the sighting of the boy, they said that they thought he was being home schooled. There is not much being said about the alleged fake wall that he had been living behind.

Evidently, the mother had to travel from another state to be reunited with the boy, but nothing is said about how the boy managed to survive on his own for the four years. There is some speculation that the parents were hiding him from the authorities, and others are saying that the mother is a deadbeat for leaving the boy behind…

“He wasn’t “kept behind a false wall” It was built in case they needed to hide him from the authorities. The neighbors even said they saw him in the yard every day.”

It is quite interesting that the neighbors saw a young boy in the yard every day but they weren’t alerted to the fact that his parents were never around.

“Thank God he’s reunited with his family but it’s definitely more to this story it just don’t add up…like what in a wall for nearly 4 years sounds like a horror movie or something.”

While the video shows the mother and the boy embracing one another, commenters are calling the mother fake and unresponsible…

“The mother didn’t care is her fault, very unresponsible, mother.”

“That’s because the stupid mother never filed an actual POLICE report, she only told child welfare he was missing so no one knew he was actually missing. I swear he could’ve been found but she was being stupid and negligent in her searches.”

Maybe the mother couldn’t take care of the boy anymore so she left him behind and fled the state. The fact that there is no mention of a father is also a red flag.

Some had some interesting theories about the elusive story…

“The father had him on an extended stay and they kept him safe in case of a home invasion.”

Some commenters felt that the working class of the parent had something to do with the situation…

“Poor people make bad parents. If you make minimum wage and you have kids those kids are screwed. It’s a new world and the demand for unskilled labor has never been lower. By 2050 there’s gonna be 10 thousand million or 10 billion people and half as many jobs as there are right now which means a lot of people are going to starve.”

Based on the news clip that goes along with this vague story, the boy doesn’t appear to have been starving so there must be more to the story.