Video: Dad Doesn’t Think His Wife Will Believe Him So He Starts Filming As Proof

Updated December 19, 2016

Dogs and babies go together like peas in a pod. Not only do dogs naturally want to protect the little one from dangers, sometimes they go above and beyond our expectations of what they will do. Like one dog that laid on top of a child during a house fire to protect the kid from the flames.

While dogs are often doing amazing things for their families, especially the children, like this small white dog who can subdue a crying baby every single time, the video below is going to warm your heart.

Check out a compilation of moments when dogs get to meet the baby for the first time. All the clips below are of the first moment the baby is taken back home and the dog gets to see the new human.

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The following clip includes 3-minutes of adorable moments between dogs and babies. You’ll see them playing, cuddling, and of course, meeting for the very first time.

In the first clip watch as a Collie plays with a small baby. The child is raucously laughing because he just thinks it is so funny that the dog is bouncing up and down like that. All the dog wants to do is play with the baby.

The following few clips show even more precious interactions between the canines and their new humans. In one the dog rests her head up against the baby for a nap. In the next, the baby and the Boston terrier are in the bathtub playing with rubber duckies together.

But the clip at the 30-second mark has got to be one of the most adorable. The small little dog is crawling her way into the baby carrier because she just can’t get enough of the little infant.

Skip to the 45-second mark to see a dog and his human twin falling asleep on the couch. The little child has a face that almost mimics the bulldog’s gruff look.

At the 1:09-mark, see how the Siberian husky responds to seeing the newborn baby for the first time. It’s absolutely adorable.

As you watch the 3-minutes in this video, it’s impossible to decide which of the clips is the cutest. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick. Just watch all of them and enjoy.

The PawMyGosh video was uploaded last year and has since gotten more than 2.7 million views. People on YouTube love the video. Here is what some of them had to say in the comments:

“I enjoyed most of them, except the one where the  baby is pulling the food bowl away from the dog. No way should you allow your child, let alone a baby to disrupt, disturb or interrupt a dog eating. Really, really stupid. Dog bites child and then you want to punish or get rid of the dog. You would not like someone interfering with you while you are eating, neither does an animal.”

Did you smile?

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