Video: Fish Surprises Owner By Scoring a Goal

Updated August 2, 2017

One family has recently found themselves acting as spectators for a new sport…fish soccer.

Yep, believe it or not, humans aren’t the only ones who get competitive and strive to hit a ball into a net. Evidently, fish can be trained to play the sport of soccer, and they get just as competitive as any human out there.

A man from Fortaleza recently learned just how talented his pet fish is. When his son accidentally dropped a small plastic ball into the fish’s makeshift tank, the fish surprised them all and used his tail to kick the ball out of the tank. Apparently, this little guy doesn’t want a roommate in his water sanctuary. The family was immediately impressed with his quick reaction time and tail strength.

So, they did what any other soccer-loving family would do…they set up a little net on one end of the fish tank and started training the fish to not only kick the ball out of the tank but kick it into a net and score a goal.

In the video below, you can witness it for yourself. As the family gathers around the plastic bin/tank where the fish resides, they cheer him on as he kicks ball after ball out of the tank, getting one into the net. You can see him circle the ball before he winds up for a nice big swat of the tail. And there is no shortage of excitement, as the family hoots and hollars when the fish actually makes a goal. Who needs to leave home when you have entertainment like this?

Some of the videos of this famous fish even have background music that goes along with his athletic body swimming through the water before barrelling a ball out of the tank. Maybe this little guy is gearing up for the next big fish olympics. There is already a puppy Superbowl so why not some good old fashioned “fish football?”

So the next time someone brags about the tricks that they’ve taught their dog, show them the video of a kicking fish. If you look closely, it looks like the fish is really going toward the ball, but does he know that he is aiming for a goal? Probaby not.

In any event, this little guy is certainly talented and could provide hours of entertainment. Based on the video, it looks as if the family invites friends over to witness the fish in action and maybe they even make bets on how many time it takes the fish to get the ball in the net.  Both the children and adults seem to be equally amazed by the kicking fish.

Animals and creatures of the sea never cease to amaze us and they are always doing things that we never expect. From a talking dog to a dancing horse, animals truly are amazing and they bring us joy and entertainment every day. Whether you have a fish, a guinea pig or a pet cat…pet owners are generally happier people.