VIDEO: For 30 Years, This Bear Has Been Held Captive In A Cage. How It Reacts To Being Freed? WOW!

Updated March 29, 2016

The white bear caged up in this video is 30-years old. She has been diagnosed with arthritis and to make matters worse, she’s been living in a cage her entire life.

Why? Well the bear here was forced to perform circus tricks. But now that she is too old to perform, her captors keep her locked in a cage much too small for her. She’s thin as a rail and sickly.

Thankfully, PETA found this mistreated and malnourished bear. Watch how she reacts when they finally free her from her undeserved prison.

After getting their hands on the bear, PETA takes her to safe and secure location where she can live out the rest of her days in peace and in nature.

She will be cared for, fed, and allowed to roam free just like she always wanted.

When you first see the bear’s condition in the video, your heart will break. She just looks so sad and hopeless. All her life she’s been fighting to be free and now she’s just given up.

Fifi, the bear spent the first 10 years of her life performing complex circus tricks for kids in Pennsylvania. But the last 20 years, she’s been living on a concrete slab away from people and any form of love.

In 2015, Fifi was transported to an animal sanctuary in Colorado. PETA didn’t know how she would react. Would she be happy? Or scared?

But just 5 months at the sanctuary, Fifi is strong and healthy. And now she is preparing for her first hibernation ever.

Because of her freedom, the bear’s legs are getting stronger every day.

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