VIDEO: Fox News Wanted To See How Easy It Was To Offend Liberal Students. Here’s What Happened…

Updated April 11, 2016

On a mission to see how sensitive college students really are, Fox News corresponded Jesse Watters took a trip to New Jersey to visit Princeton University.

He took out his microphone and started interviewing random students. He cleverly dropped certain “trigger words” that might cause a reaction in the liberal student body.

You’re not going to believe how sensitive today’s college students really are.

When Watters used the word “ghetto” one college student simply stormed off in a self-righteous rage.

“I feel like they should be more careful in their choice of words,” another student said when asked about people who use the word “ghetto.”

“It’s that kind of elitism, classism…that kind of snobbery, it’s counterproductive,” another student said. “It dehumanizes people.”

Watters then asked the students about the Republican Party’s most popular presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Obviously, these students were just as offended.

“I think he is an offensive man,” one student said.

“I think he offends me because he offends people I care about,” said another student.

Watters decided to change his tune. He asked one student, “When Trump says ‘Make America Great Again,’ how does that make you feel?”

“It’s not the America that was great for people who look like me,” that student, who is black, said. “I’ll say that much.”

Watters also asked students to comment on words like “black crime” and “white privilege.” The students responded exactly like you’d expect them to.

See the segment of Watters’ World in the video below!

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