VIDEO: From A Distance They Knew What Washed Ashore Wasn’t Normal. But What They Discover? YIKES…

Updated March 7, 2016

Although humans feel like we know a lot, the ocean is a vast and mysterious place. A shocking 95 percent of the world’s ocean remains unexplored.

Considering this and the fact that two-thirds of all ocean life is yet to be discovered, it’s not surprising that people scream “Sea MONSTER!” So often. Now is it?

But for this case in Mexico, sea monster actually seemed to be accurate. Until scientists were able to identify what really washed ashore…

People were baffled when a 7-foot creature floated ashore on Mexico’s Laguna Ojo de Liebre at the end of December 2013.

When people got a closer look, the sea animal was actually something much weirder – a pair of rare conjoined gray whale twins.

The whale twins were smaller than normal. Newborn gray whales are usually 12-feet long while these were just seven.

Now scientists are speculating that the conjoined whale twins were the result of an unexpected miscarriage.

Take another look at the rare photo. I’m pretty sure that if I saw this gray mass floating on the Mexican beach, I would have been one the many people screaming “Sea MONSTER!”

What about you? What do you think of these photos of the rare conjoined gray whale twins?

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