Video: Gusty Winds Uprooted A Massive Tree, Leads To 1,000-Year-Old Discovery

Updated February 23, 2017

When strong storm winds blasted parts of Ireland just months ago, a 210-year-old tree was uprooted in the chaos. Nothing was weird about this incident, until someone took a look at the ground underneath the tree. Upon closer inspection, investigators found something quite shocking – a 1,000-year-old skeleton.

At first, those that discovered the remains were terrified. Was it an ancient druid ritual? A sacrifice? Or did someone just happen to die and be buried in that spot?

Researchers got their hands on the remains and began to do what they do best – discover things and analyze the clues. That’s how they learned, through carbon dating, that this was a man who lived more than 1,000-years ago…

After analyzing the parts of the skeleton they could, the researchers could say with confidence that the man was about 17 to 21 at the time of death and lived between the years of 1030 and 1200.

When they looked closer, they noticed something astonishing. This man appeared to have knife wounds to his hands and ribs. He was in a battle and died as a result. That seems to be the only feasible explanation. Or is there a bigger mystery at work here?

Learn the truth behind this 1,000-year-old skeleton when you watch the video below!

The CNN report indicates that the ancient remains were found in northern Ireland’s Dark Hedges. This place has become even more iconic after making repeated appearances in the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones” as the King’s Road.

But the tree in the Irish town of Collooney has become famous because of the skeleton buried underneath it.

Although the man might have been murdered or killed in battle, he was given a Christian burial.

The unknown man was taller than the average person in the middle ages. His bones indicated that he was involved with physical labor since he was a young lad.

“Whether he died in battle or was killed during a personal dispute, we will never know for sure,” Dr. Marion Dowd of the Sligo-Leitrim Archaeological Services told CNN.

Hundreds of thousands have watched the video on YouTube and dozens have commented. Here’s what some are saying:

“Awesome, how most of us should be buried, composted under a tree.”

“He could have been buried before the tree grew. You idiots need to learn what common sense is.”

“Blessed be young warrior. We are sorry your peace was disturbed. I pray you do not loom down on us in horror, our curiosity has grown as science has grown, be at peace young one.”

“Well Dying a Violent Death in Europe 1000 Years ago? Was pretty much The Norm… They either (1) Died of a Violent Death. (2) Died of Disease. Or (3) Lived a long full life to about 39 years old… Yep, that was Europe in “The Good Old Days”…”

Do you think Ireland should do something special with this long-lost skeleton? What do you propose? Should it be displayed in a museum?

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