VIDEO: He Slices Fresh Tomatoes And Tosses It In Some Compost. What Happens Ten Days Later? AWESOME!

Updated March 14, 2016

In today’s world that never stops moving, people are constantly trying to find quicker and easier ways to do things in order to keep up. The internet  is a haven for new, quick tips, and it is at the end of your fingertips right now!

The Wannabe Homesteader is a Youtube channel that posts videos with the intent of making people’s everyday lives easier.

In a video that received over 460,000 views, as well as a sea of comments left by happy viewers, the channel addresses the topic of growing tomatoes.

All you need for this simple process is a pot, some composted cow manure or soil, and a ripe (or fresh, either work) tomato.

Start out by cutting up the tomato into three or four chunks; each should be approximately a quarter inch thick. Next you will want to fill your pot about halfway with soil, and once this is done, throw the tomatoes into the pot.

Lightly dust the tomatoes with more potting soil or compost; you want to be sure that they are covered, but just barely.

In about ten to fourteen days, about fifty to sixty seedlings will have sprouted. Now you will want to get another pot and fill it with your soil of choice.

Pick out three to four of the best seedlings and move them to this pot to continue growing. As they grow, pick the two dominant plants and replant them where they will have room to grow big and strong.

That’s all there is to it! You can have healthy tomato plants in no time, with minimal elbow grease by just following these quick and easy tips.