VIDEO: He Squats Down And Then Makes Eye Contact With The Polar Bear. How The Animal Reacts? LOL!

Updated July 1, 2016

Animals are infinitely amazing. And adults are just as interested in the other non-human inhabitants of earth as children are. Many people spend their lives studying animals like this alligator expert who was shocked by what he found inside a 15-foot gator’s stomach.

But when people go to the zoo, their inner child comes out. There’s just something so magical about seeing larger than life animals up close and in person.

That’s exactly what happened for this grown man. While looking into the polar bear exhibit, two large bears came right up to the glass. Instead of showing fear, the man began playing a game of hide and seek with the polar bears…

How would you have reacted if a bear followed your every move? Would you have played along or ran away?

While this man is safely behind the glass enclosure away from the deadly polar bears, he doesn’t have anything to worry about. He can be free to play and be a little kid again with the bears.

The funny video took place in the Netherlands. The smaller polar bear is called Sizzle and he completely loves playing with the man.

Unlike many children and adults, this guy doesn’t appear to be taunting the animals. Instead, he seems to be having some genuine fun with the arctic bears.

At the 35-second mark, the camerawoman goes up close to the larger polar bear. The bear looks directly in the camera and is so cute.

She then pans the camera over to the young man again who is still over to the left playing hide and seek with Sizzle. The bear loves following the man’s sudden movements as he jumps up and down.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week. This is what was written in the description:

“Chillin’ with the polar bears at the ZOO Blijdorp in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on a rainy Monday afternoon. Soon after we stood in front of the polar bears my boyfriend Fabien noticed interaction with the youngest polar bear (1 year old) who’s called Sizzle. They had such a fun time playing together!”

It’s no wonder more than 180,000 people have viewed this video already. The bears are absolutely adorable as they’re playing with the man, Fabien.

Keep watching the video to see more moments with the playful polar bears.

Here’s what some viewers wrote:

  • “How cute.. playing with its food before it would eat you!.. pure cuteness!”
  • “this is so beautiful :’) i love how the polar bears holds the pillar just to watch the guy try to entertain them. what saddened me is that they’re in the verge of extinction which caused by the human.”

Over the years, animal rights activists have shed light on the mistreatment of animals. Circuses and zoos are historically not known for their humane conditions. They often keep animals in cages and locked up in tight quarters.

In order to get themselves on the right foot with animal rights activists, Ringling Bros. Circus retired all of their elephants in May 2016. Now they’re living on a reservation in Florida.

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