VIDEO: He Takes A Cotton Swab And Presses It Against His Skin. What He Yanks Out Of His Body? GROSS

Updated April 28, 2016

Hiking through the woods in the summer can be a great, fun way to get some cardio in plus you usually get treated to some amazing views along the way.

If you are lucky, the ticks will avoid you.. if not, you better check out this awesome trick below. Removing one of those little bloodsuckers has never been easier!

Ticks aren’t too dangerous by themselves – it’s the diseases they carry that will really hurt. Lyme disease is definitely the most famous, but just one of several that these little bugs can inject into your bloodstream.

One problem with ticks is that when you try to pull them off, usually part of their body will remain lodged in yours, left to annoy you for hours on end. Tweezers can help, but still the mouth of the tick will be stuck in your skin.

Never deal with that struggle again with one easy tip – grab a cotton swab and some water.

The video below will show you the exact technique, but basically all you have to do is wet the end of the cotton swab and push the tick around from the back. Keep pushing it in circles until it dislodges itself from your skin, then grab a napkin and grab it off before it bites down.

This is definitely the most humane and also the easiest way to deal with ticks – next time you find one stuck on you, try it out!