VIDEO: He Takes A Small Chainsaw To This Giant Chunk Of Wood. What He Creates In Just Hours? INSANE!

Updated April 26, 2016

Watching people make sculptures is fascinating.  It is popular to see people carving ice on New Years, or little trinkets, but what about a huge tree trunk section?

One man from Russia decided to go big when he set out to make his own wooden sculpture, and watching the creation come to life is a beautiful thing to witness.

The video starts by showing the block of wood that the man will be carving, and it is really HUGE!  The section from a cut down tree looks like it is almost 1,000 pounds.

He starts with a big chainsaw, cutting of huge blocks of wood, then progressively moves smaller and smaller in size.

It is amazing the speed at which he makes the sculpture, and the detail that he is able to insert into the art piece.  This job does not only require a lot of creativity, but a lot of muscle too!  You can see wood chips flying at the man as he slices through the wood like butter.

Over the two and a half minutes, you can see the sculpture slowly come to life depicting two animals fighting with their big burly horns.

The video is truly very captivating to watch, so check it out down below to see the sculpture made form start to finish, and let us know if you have any sort of carving talent, and what you like to create in the comments below!