VIDEO: He Was Diagnosed With Stage 3 Cancer. What His Dog Does In Response? I Am In Tears….

Updated February 4, 2016

Humans and dogs may not be able to speak, however they are able to communicate in so many ways that we do not even recognize.

Throughout history, stories about the relationship between man and beast have been told again and again, some revealing the close connection that dogs share with people.

Yet again, another story arises; the story of Denali.

Ben Moon tells us the story himself and his dog Denali, and their irreplaceable relationship.  Moon made a short film from the perspective of Denali, expressing the relationship between the two, and it really captures your heart.

The film tells a story not only of the life of a dog, but the story of love, companionship, compassion, and camaraderie.

When Ben met Denali, it was love at first sight.  Their chemistry was undeniable, and since the day they set eyes on each other, they were together till the end.  After breaking up with his girlfriend, Ben moved to the high deserts of Bend, Oregon, and Denali came with him.  They traveled across America together, as a team.

However soon thereafter, tragedy struck.  Ben had contracted a form of stage 3 cancer, and had to spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital.  Needless to say, Denali stood by Ben’s side throughout the whole ordeal.  Denali refused to leave the room, whether Ben was sleeping, sitting, or in the surgical room.  Denali was by Ben’s side until he fully recovered.

As if once cancer ordeal was not enough, Denali then was struck with cancer as well.  Ben stuck by Denali’s side, comforting him however he could.  Ben asked Denali to stick around for one extra month so he could make the following film in tribute to Denali’s life.

One morning, Denali woke up with a bad cough, and the next day, looked at Ben and gave the ‘thank you, thank you for everything’ set of eyes, and slipped away from his happy 14 years of love and companionship.

Watch the miraculous film below to watch the story of Ben and Denali.