He Was Kayaking When He Spotted Something Floating In The Water, Takes Immediate Action

Updated July 7, 2017

Currently, there is so much trash in the oceans of the world that it is estimated that there will be more tons of plastic than fish in our waters by 2050. That’s a tragedy that we can not let happen. If we throw our trash into trash bins – especially when we’re at the beach – and recycle our plastic bottles and paper products, we help make the world a cleaner place. Next time you see someone throwing a piece of trash out of their car window or leaving it behind on purpose, call them out for it. They’re adding to the trash that gets caught in our oceans and rivers and makes the world a less inviting place. And as you’ll see in this video, the trash in the ocean doesn’t just look bad, it kills wildlife too.

Due to this increasing epidemic, companies and non profit organizations all over the world are creating an active effort to help stop this environmental disaster from unfolding, however it may already be too late. But do what you can while you can and you’ll help make the world a cleaner and more beautiful place.

You have probably heard of animals being rescued from being tangled in nets, or covered in oil.  These human sources of contamination are killing thousands of creatures per year, and this video demonstrates just how sad this epidemic truly is.

Some kayakers off the cost of Spain were just paddling along when they suddenly noticed something floating in the water near them. They got closer, and pulled the brown mass out of the water to notice that it was a sea turtle! They were shocked at teh find.

The turtle looked beautiful and healthy, except for the fact that when they pulled it up onto the boat, they noticed it had a net tangled around its neck and fin. If it wasn’t for them, the poor animal would have suffocated and died. Or if not that, the net would have slowed the turtle down and made it vulnerable to predators or poachers.

The kayakers took the net off, and set the turtle back into the sea, but not without a kiss of love.

It is important to know how much your consumption of certain products affects the environment, which will not only affect the animals living with us, but humans as well.

Nature is a delicate balance of life, and it is crucial not to upset such a balance.  If you want to see the beautiful video of the rescue, you can check it out below, and let us know if you have ever helped an animal out in need!

The video has been viewed by more than 1.6 million people on YouTube. Here are some comments left on the page:

“Thank you for saving this turtle! I’m so disgusted at all the trash we humans are dumping into the ocean! For every animal saved from our trash, hundreds, and even THOUSANDS die! It’s disgusting! ALL personal nets should be banned from use in and around our oceans!”

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