VIDEO: He Wouldn’t Stop Complaining About An Earache, What They Pulled Out In The E.R.? OH MY GOD!

Updated January 19, 2016

Do you know that impacted ear wax can build up and eventually cause pain? Yes, true… But this boy had so much more than ear wax stuck inside his ear.

After you see what came crawling out, you’ll never be able to sleep well at night again. Proceed with caution!

When the Arkansas teen woke up in the morning with a debilitating pain in his ear, he panicked and started to reach in his ear in order to see what was there.

What he pulled out will have the weak stomached running for the bathroom.

A 4-inch centipede was lodged in the ear of 14-year-old Grant Botti. He pulled it out himself and it’s no small wonder he didn’t pass out on the spot.

Botti felt the beast moving around in his ear and grabbed the tail and was able to slowly extract the large centipede from his ear canal.

The teen’s mom watched the horror show and put the centipede in the plastic bag to make sure it didn’t go anywhere else it wasn’t wanted.

The boy was in so much pain, he was rushed to the Saline Memorial Hospital where doctors found abrasions on his ear drum. But no lasting damage.

Botti and his family believe the centipede got into his ear while he was swimming.


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