VIDEO: Here’s The View He Sees From His House Everyday. But Why People Call Him A Hero? UNBELIEVABLE

Updated February 8, 2016

Many people go through hard times in life, and many turn to suicide as their only last option.  It is a tragedy that plagues nations across the world, and is a problem that needs to be solved.

Despite efforts to make the world a better place, there are still very high suicide rates in the world, and the only thing that can be done in some cases is active prevention, by helping people when they are about to jump over the edge.

Donald Ritchie has been awarded the title of Australias Local Hero 2011, when his story was told.

Ritchie lives across from The Gap, no not the store, but a very popular and scenic view that many come to appreciate.  The sad side of the story is that The Gap is a common place for many people to commit suicide, and it is actually quite a common occurrence.

Ritchie takes it upon himself to help solve this issue.  Whenever he sees somebody about to jump off The Gap, he goes to them, takes them into their house, and talks to them.

Usually, their talk is prefaced by a nice cup of tea, some kindness, and a snack.  Simply by spending time with people and talking, Ritchie has been able to persuade over 400 people to keep their lives.

“You couldn’t just sit there and watch them, or I couldn’t,” he says.

Ritchie has no training in suicide prevention, but is very good at what he does!

As well as the personal reward of seeing people’s lives saved, Ritchie is already 94 and still living well, and he owes it to his kindness.

“I’m still here at 94, so maybe I’m being rewarded in some way,”


Check out the video below to see an interview with this wonderful man!