VIDEO: He’s One Of The All-Time Best Singers. But When He Brings Her On Stage? I AM SPEECHLESS

Updated June 30, 2016

When the lights come on in the auditorium in Seattle, the crowd erupts into applause. They know exactly what they’ve got themselves into and cannot wait to listen to the beautiful music they’re about to hear.

Out of the darkness, Andrea Bocelli strolls onto stage from the back. He’s holding the hand of the equally prolific, the younger, powerhouse singer Tori Kelly. The duo stand side by side in front of the microphones. The symphony readies their instruments behind the star singers.

The audience’s loud applause lowers to a din. And then to silence. They don’t even want to hear their own breath. Only the beauty that is to come from Kelly and Bocelli’s voices.

Then the conductor raises his baton…

The symphony’s strings play the opening lines of “The Prayer.” The audience cheers as they recognize the heartfelt favorite.

Individually, Bocelli and Kelly can blow an audience away. But by the end of this powerful song, they have left the audience stunned by their performance.

Kelly sings the lyrics beautifully in English. And Bocelli compliments her song with the version of the beautiful song in Italian. The language of love.

You probably remember the song from the 1990s. The Prayer was recorded in two separate singles. The English version was recorded by Celine Dion while Andrea Bocelli recorded the Italian version. But in 1998, Dion and Bocelli came together to sing the now-beloved version of “The Prayer” you know and love to this day.

Since that day 18-years ago, Tori Kelly has taken over Celine’s part. But the newcomer’s performance would make the successful diva proud.

Although Bocelli has been completely blind since age 12, he remains true to the song throughout. His beautiful tenor voice transports the audience to another place entirely. Listeners are in a state of bliss as he sings them to heaven.

Listen to the sound below. Tori Kelly opens with the English lyrics at the 45-second mark. Though she is a new singer, she stands toe-to-toe with the veteran superpower Bocelli.

While the voices of these two singers together will make your heart swoon, the lyrics themselves of “The Prayer” are also extremely powerful. They in and of themselves can inspire you to greatness.

Bocelli enters at the 1:50-mark in the video. The camera pans over to the great singer as he stands next to the microphone.

Listen to their incredible rendition in the video below! Tori Kelly shared the video on her YouTube channel. She wrote this in the video description, “what an incredible honor to not only sing with Andrea Bocelli, but to sing this beautiful song with him! also a dream come true to sing with a full orchestra. thank you Andrea, and the whole team for this experience.”

Here’s what other viewers had to say…

  • “Chills chills chills ALL OVER”
  • “They need to record a studio version of this. It shouldn’t even be a question.”
  • “She sings like a Disney princess. Princess Tori”

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