VIDEO: He’s Stranded In The Woods. So He Hacks Down A Small Tree. What He Makes From It? LIFE SAVING

Updated April 8, 2016

Most people today have grown soft, as they no longer are able to survive in nature alone. People are more and more pampered, and know less and less about survival, especially in the wilderness.

Luckily, there are experts out there that still have mastered the art of wilderness survival. They are used to the harsh elements and can share helpful tips with many.

In this video, this survival expert shows you just how to make a bow, arrow, and even a quiver using only natural materials he finds in nature.

The first step is to cut down a tree to the length you want your bow to be.


Next, split the tree down the middle, so you can use one of the pieces for your bow.


He then uses a sharp rock to shave down the bow into his desired shape. By the time you’re done this is what it should look like.


Once you have completed your bow, next is the draw string. In the video he takes the bark from a different tree to make it.

Capture.PNG4 After collecting the bark, he splits it in half. He uses the inside part to braid into the draw string. He does this by twisting the two ends of the bark tightly together.

When you are finished it should look like this.

After he has attached the drawstring by bending the bow slightly, this is what it should look like.


The next thing you need to make is arrows! In the video, he finds small trees that he breaks off at the roots. He then strips these little trees of their bark.


Then, he uses a sharp stone to make a notch in the back part of the arrow.

After this, he takes some feathers he got off of a wild turkey, strips them off the quill, and cuts them in the proper shape as shown above.

He then rubs sap over the back end of the arrow to use as a glue for the feathers stick to it. He finishes it off by tying it with makeshift string.

Once he has completed the tail end of the arrows, he then burns the tips. The reason he does so is because if the tips of the arrows aren’t hardened enough, they will shatter upon impact.


By the time you’ve completed all these steps your arrows should look like this!


Finally, to complete the video, he shows us how to make a quiver. He does this by taking a large piece of bark and making a weak point right in the middle of the bark.

He then folds it together and turns it into a container by wrapping it up with his natural string.

You should now have a complete bow and arrow set that looks like this!


What did you think of this masterful tutorial?

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