VIDEO: His Dog Begged To Go Outside In The Snow. Then He Opens the Door. The Dog’s Reaction? HA HA!

Updated January 26, 2016

Can you remember the first time you ever saw snow?

For many who grew up in wintry locales, snow has pretty much been a fixture in our winter lives. Others who grew up in the desert or more tropical locations, might not have seen snow in person until they were adults.

Seeing snow for the first time is an amazing experience.

But what happens when a dog sees it for the first time? That’s what YouTuber thebeverage213 wondered. So he decided to film his dog experiencing the snow for the first time ever.

See the adorable clip now!

With his little dog ready to go outside at the back door, the owner opens the door for the dog.

Outside the ground is covered with a few inches of thick white snow. The dog doesn’t know what is going on.

Instead of going outside to explore the new environment, this dog runs back into the safety of the house.

Watch the funny video include below!

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