VIDEO: I Normally Don’t Care For Performances Like This. But What These Two Are Able To Do? AMAZING!

Updated June 23, 2016

For as long as humans have been on this planet, we have been mesmerized by dance. Every culture around the world has some form of dance. While some are more polished than others, dance, no matter where it comes from, helps humans connect to the vibrations of sounds and music through the movements of their bodies.

Many people dedicate their lives to mastering dance. These professional dancers choose any number of styles to perfect whether it’s ballroom dancing or tap dancing. But perhaps one of the most popular and competitive arenas of dance is, and forever will be, ballet.

For centuries, onlookers have watched ballerinas perform the most graceful movements imaginable to some of the greatest music ever composed. But recently, a dancing duo introduced the world to a new twist on ballet – acrobatic ballet. When the man and woman stepped on the stage, they proceeded to blow everyone away. Their routine is so graceful and exotic. It is a powerful display of talent and perfection.

Check out the video recording below…

Throughout their entire performance, the pair filled every movement with poise and strength. They nailed their dance so perfectly, the audience forgot to breathe throughout the show.

From the beginning, when the woman does a circle on the man’s back on the tips of her toes, to the end, the audience was clutched by the awesomeness on stage.

Just as the beautiful ballerina bent and swayed her body, she kept coming up with new and even more impressive ways to shock and awe the crowd.

Throughout the show, her partner kept her steady so the female ballerina could soar through the air like a eagle.

With so much trust in each other and practice, the duo went on to perform more and more impressive tricks and movements.

For example, at the 50-second mark, the dancers face each other on the stage. Then the woman does a handstand-tumble and her partner catches her feet in his grip. One second later, he has lifted the woman up into the air and is balancing her by one foot in the palm of his hand. Spectacular!

Because this dance art is so challenging and requires a blend of ballet and gymnastics, few people in the world can do what this pair does.

Viewers like you shared their awe in the comments:

  • “The most elegant and creative combination of classical ballet and couple acrobatics ever seen, unparalleled beauty, strength and grace. I could not take my eyes off of her. No doubt she could dance across any highwire on her toes. Balance, poise and flexibility show us a sophisticated confident woman of supreme talent and dedication to her art.”

Other viewers criticized the woman for being thin. Some people stood up and defended her.

  • “Yes, she is skinny BUT, VERY HEALTHY. Her muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, all her body without forgetting her brain, are in PERFECT HEALTH. She has to be like that so her partner can do his part. I bet ,they have been together dancing, since very very young and discover they could be different doing something  nobody has done before and in a very elegant way. Only in China!!, they are daring to do things that are really extraordinary,” Pilar Martin wrote.

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