VIDEO: I Thought She Was Crazy For Putting Oven Racks In The Bath. But Her Reason? SO SMART!

Updated July 22, 2016

There are few household chores that are so universally loathed as cleaning oven racks, right? The endless scrubbing and toil take their toll on all of us. And it isn’t even as if the “self cleaning” function on the oven can do anything for the racks, except strip the chrome off them.

Luckily we have Melissa from the YouTube channel Clean My Space. In this amazing video she walks us through a simple and foolproof method of getting our oven racks clean, without the heartbreak and backache of the way your mom (or dad) taught you how to do it.

The first things you’ll need are the proper tools: A bathtub, or other basin large enough to accommodate all your racks, an old bath towel, either an old toothbrush or double sided sponge with scouring pad, very hot water (enough to completely submerge your racks, and very hot), and about a cup of detergent. Melissa recommends powdered laundry detergent, but you can also use liquid laundry detergent, or dry or liquid dish soap. Her personal preference is for the powdered versions of soap, because of its slightly abrasive quality. She also suggests premixing it with some water to ensure that it is broken down well.

After you gather all your tools together you’ll want to place the old towel in the base of the tub. The towel is meant to protect the tub from getting scratched by the metal racks.

Next, place the racks onto the towel, slightly staggering them so that as much of their surface area can be exposed to the water.

Once you’ve prepped, you’ll stop up the tub and fill it with the hot water until the racks are completely submerged. Then add about a cup of the detergent to the water, directly over the racks.

Here’s where we get to the really hard part: walk away and find something else to do with your time for the next six to eight hours. This soaking period gives the detergent time to do all the hard work for you and it could be a good job to tackle before you leave for work in the morning, or right before you go to bed.

After letting the racks soak for at least six hours, this is where the fun starts. You’ll take your sponge or toothbrush and scrub the gunk right off. It may take a little elbow grease, but nowhere near as much as if you tried to muscle through the job without this pre soaking time. And the final step should only take a few minutes. Make sure to completely dry the racks when your done, so they don’t rust.

This is a great way to really clean those oven racks without breaking a sweat, and a fairly economical system too, since you don’t have to purchase any additional cleaning products.

Housework is rarely fun. What is your least favorite household chore? Is there one job around the house you actually enjoy doing? Do you have any tips or tricks that make a job like this easier? Please tell us about it.