VIDEO: I Thought There Was No Way This Bulldog Was Making It Across A Stream. Then THIS Happens. LOL

Updated May 5, 2016

Many animals are famously afraid of water. Cats are certainly one of them. Dogs on the other hand usually take to water like a duck. But not this chubby bulldog!

When he sees a bubbling stream flowing past below the rickety wooden bridge, he stops dead in his tracks. Watch as he struggles to cross in this hilarious viral video below!

With his owner and other dog friends already across the small stream, this bulldog is motivated to join them.

But the moving water is scary for the pup and he doesn’t want to get his feet wet. He walks back and forth anxiously as he tries to figure out how he is going to make it across to safety.

He checks below and above the bridge for any easier passageways. But then he realizes that his only salvation is that wooden bridge.

About halfway through the clip, he puts his front paws up on the bridge and slowly starts to inch his way across.

When he feels like he’s got himself balanced, he launches across the bridge in a mad-dash sprint. The dog keeps his hind leg dangling down. His toe even touches the water.

After he makes it, the bulldog prances about proud of his achievement.

“I was walking in the forest with my dogs and husband when we came to this little river, all the other dogs crossed in the water with no problems (it was about 15 cm deep). I noticed Ian, the bulldog, was struggling to find a safe route. He didn’t like to get his paws wet and I started to film, with all the other dogs sitting next to me watching him. Ian looked really proud after he finally made it,” the dog’s owner, Line Beate Gareid, wrote.

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