VIDEO: Instead Of Filling Up Her Ice Tray With Water, She Uses Red Wine. The Reason For This? SMART!

Updated February 2, 2016

Have you ever wished that your drinks could be just a bit more fun? When you’re on vacation, do you ever splurge and get the beverage with the mini-umbrella or the extra-colorful garnish?

While most of the time, we’re stuck with clear ice cubes that don’t make us feel special. Today, we want to introduce you to several ideas that will help you create delicious food and beverages using your ice cube tray!

If you’re a fan of smoothies (I am!), then instead of forcing yourself to finish the leftovers or pouring it down the drain, fill up an ice cube tray with the remainder and freeze it. When you’re ready for your smoothie the next day, simply thaw and stir and everything is ready.

Nothing makes for a special occasion better than some flowers. If you’re having a dinner party outside, try freezing some small flower petals into your ice cube tray. Everyone’s drinks will be extremely pretty.

Don’t you hate how ice cubes water down your iced coffee? Try freezing coffee in your ice cube tray. Next time you have iced coffee, you’ll be using coffee cubes to cool down your beverage – no more watered down coffee.

Fun-sized Popsicles are easy to make in your ice cube tray. Pour in some fruit juice or smoothie. Then place a stick into it. When it’s frozen, your family will love these bite-sized popsicles.

Layer your flavors. Simply pour in half a flavor then let freeze. When that layer is done, pour in a second flavor. What a great way to spice up your sparkling water drinks!

Pop some bite-sized fruits into your ice cube trays – blue berries, raspberries, pineapple chunks – then cover with water or juice. Once it’s done, you’ve got a healthy frozen snack.

Which ice cube tray snacks/drinks do you like the best?

Watch the video below for some more good ideas about how to use your ice cube trays.

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