Video: It Doesn’t Take Long To Spot Why He’s The Worst Tow Truck Driver In The World

Updated May 16, 2017

Whether you love or hate your job, there is a good chance that you have bad days every now and then. We all do. Lawyers lose cases, managers have to lay off their employees, construction workers make mistakes on major projects and teachers have to deal with difficult students. It’s part of life…there are good days and bad. But, as long as you are trying your hardest then you can usually go home at the end of the day and feel some sort of satisfaction.

When one tow truck driver got called out to a flipped over an SUV, he went to work prepping the vehicle and getting it ready to flip back over so it was right side up again. Surely he had done this type of particular task in the past, as flipped over cars are part of a tow truck driver’s job description. But, evidently, this particular worker was having a rough day, because his job did not go as planned and someone managed to capture the moment on film.

It starts out as business as usual in the video, as the workers are standing nearby as their heavy duty equipment pulls the flipped vehicle toward the tow truck. It appears to be tied up properly and the SUV is slowly being maneuvered before it can get flipped back over so it is right side up. One of the men appears to be directing the tow truck operator and it looks as if they have a good amount of teamwork and everyone is calm and collected as if they have done this a few hundred times before.

And then it’s time to flip the SUV. Slowly but surely the tow truck operator maneuvers his equipment until the vehicle is completely upright once again. It feels like a glorious moment and a job well done. Until…

The truck disconnects from the tethers and rolls off the cliff nearby. It just happened to be facing the hill and within seconds of being flipped over, it just casually rolled down the hill as if it had a mind of its own and had intended to do that all along.

The reaction of the workers may be the best part, as they at first appear to be completely calm as if they are in shock that all their hard work and patience is quite literally going downhill.

The man who is filming the event lets out a yell, but then there is laughter in the background, as the camera points to the ground. This is definitely a day on the job gone wrong and shows what happens when the opposite of what you intended happens. It would be interesting to hear how the conversation went between the tow truck company and the owner of the vehicle. You can’t help but feel bad for the poor guys who were so determined to accomplish this one task.

This video will certainly make you feel better if you think that you’ve had a bad day at work.