VIDEO: Just One Look Into The Crowd Steve Harvey Absolutely Loses It. Now Watch Who Walks On Stage

Updated July 27, 2016

Steve Harvey has seen a lot of crazy things throughout his career. Many of these things most people don’t get to experience firsthand. He’s been able to ask a 100-year-old woman advice on how to get to that age. He also revealed why he wants to be 100. But that’s not all. Since he’s the host of Family Feud, Harvey has seen heard some pretty embarrassing answers that have left him speechless.

But a few years back, Harvey was introduced to a man with a case of mistaken identity. And the man, who is in his talk show audience, gets confused with the host himself, Steve Harvey, almost every day of his life.

While taping his talk show, Steve Harvey looked out into the audience. But his jaw dropped when one man turned around. Harvey couldn’t believe it, it was like he was looking into a mirror.

During his “Ask Steve” segment, Harvey was surprised to meet his real-life doppelganger in 2013. The man had been dealing with mistake identity every day of his life. And as far as Steve himself was concerned, he found his ‘long lost twin.’

While his audience clapped and cheered, Harvey pulled his look alike, Matthew, onto the stage to show everyone how similar they actually appeared.

Each man has a shaved head, a three-piece suit, and a mustache as well as a vibrant smile.

Matthew admits that he gets confused with Steve Harvey all the time.

When he gets on the stage, Harvey points to heaven and shouts, “Mama, mama! It’s me!” as everyone laughs.

Matthew went on a cruise with his wife and the DJ put a spotlight on him and said, “We have a celebrity in the house, Steve Harvey.”

“You have got to be the second happiest woman in the world!” Steve calls out to Matthew’s wife.

More than 3.5 million people have watched this short video clip since it was published on YouTube. Everyone loves Matthew and some viewers even wondered in Steve Harvey still kept contact with this doppelganger.

  • “hey i have a question. it’s stupid but maybe be true I don’t know. does steve and this guy still in contact with each other. cause they clicked quick. I don’t know if they are steve needs to bring him back to do a similar person deal. one where normal people that look exactly or similar to another celebrity actually meet each other. nothing big just one or two other stars get together with steve and does it. use him as an example and bring him back one more time. I’m just wondering. sounds stupid but maybe who know right.”
  • “Steve Harvey, you have the best sense of humor. Sincere and caring but not afraid to be honest. The fact you can embrace the craziness of the situation and make the best of it is a wonderful example for everybody. Please don’t ever change that part of you!!!!”

Other people don’t see the similarity. They think Matthew is too big to look like Harvey.

“Twin idk maybe if Steve Harvey was addicted to triple cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes”

What would you do if you came face to face with your long-lost twin?

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