Video: Loudmouth Tourist Gets Put In His Place During Ceremony At Tomb of Unknown Solider

Updated September 13, 2016

Some people think that just because they are on vacation they can cut the strings that tie them to reality and let loose. While this is true for many destinations there are some locations that require silence and respect. One of the most prominent of these destinations is “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

The Tomb of the Unknowns is a monument devoted to American service members who have lost their lives in battle and the remains have not been identified. The monument, which is monitored by military guards 24/7, is highly protected and respected. And if you are playing the role of tourist, don’t you dare raise your voice or cause a ruckus because the guard will not hesitate to put you in your place and demand the respect that the monument deserves.

In the video below, a few free-spirited tourists get reprimanded by the guard on duty. Let’s just say, that the sound of a pin dropping couldn’t be heard after the guard put them in their place.

While the armed guard is carrying on with his duty of pacing alongside the monument in an order of protection, a few tourists are heard laughing and speaking loudly.

With a trained straight face and a voice that has enough power to knock you over, the guard stops, stands at attention and launches into the following reprimand: “It is requested that everyone maintains a level of silence and respect.”

This soldier goes a bit against orders, as soldiers assigned to the post are supposed to maintain silence and refrain from speaking themselves, however; one can say that he is speaking up for a good cause and taking his assignment seriously by ensuring that the sacred ceremony is not tainted by rude tourists and disrupting laughter.

And evidently the tourists heard because seconds later, when the guard goes back to his mandatory pacing, all that can be heard is gently tapping of his heel hitting the ground.

While the guards rotate shifts, and are posted to this assignment for at least eighteen months, it can be assumed that this is not the first time that this has happened. One place where tourists do not want to let down their guard is in the Arlington National Cemetery, which has  624 acres of burial ground that is dedicated to soldiers who have lost their lives due to national conflicts dating back to the American Civil War.

The majority of commenters cheered the dedicated soldier on with their posts. Fellow military members said: “Thats how real men work. HOOAA!!!”

And then there were the inevitable ignorant statements: “Is there anybody even in the tomb anymore?”

While an incident similar to this may have happened in the past, this is certainly one to be remembered. It will hopefully be a lesson to tourists who are visiting sacred destinations and it also shows the dedication and poise it takes to be a guard assigned to this post. And, the added bonus of knowing how to respect those who defend the country is always a nice little addition.