Video: Man Takes Chainsaw To Cut Tree In Half, Completely Confused At What The Tree Does

Updated August 30, 2016

After every windstorm, it’s common to see fallen branches and debris strewn about our yards. But when a tree falls it can be very dangerous and a huge project to get it cleaned up. If you’re fortunate enough to have the tree fall in the yard, and not on your house or car, then you have two choices: either hire someone to remove it for you or pick up a chainsaw and get to work.

As you can see in the video below, a tree fell in this guy’s backyard. He has decided to do the work himself and has gotten his hands on a chainsaw. Because it was going to be fun to use the tool, he told his friend and together they decided to film some of the cutting.

But they never expected to capture a viral moment that has caused millions of people to gaze on in wonderment…

Paul Firbas decided to forgo the $75 to $150 fee it usually costs to clear a fallen tree from a yard, and do it himself…

Why wouldn’t someone who owns a chainsaw or wants to rent one go through the hassle of scheduling a tree removal service provider when you can fire it up and get cutting all by yourself?

While it is important to be safe when using a tool like a chainsaw, if you’re doing it right, the process can be a lot of fun. It’s amazing to watch the saw’s teeth eat through the large log and chop it to pieces before your eyes.

But as the 25-seconds video included below illustrates, there can be some unforeseen dangers when clearing a fallen tree. Although the man is wearing recommended safety gear like glove and goggles, how the tree reacts to the chainsaw was not something anyone could have predicted.

Watch the video below to see the tree. After the piece is cut off, it springs back up into position standing straight up once again!

While it is recommended to get professional help when a tree falls in your hard, if you’re hell bent on doing it yourself please take caution.

Make sure you wear safety gear and prepare for unexpected movements like what happen in this video. It can be very difficult to predict how a tree will react when its center of gravity suddenly shifts as it did in this video.

But prevention is the best tactic. Always have your trees pruned and hire a professional to cut off perilous branches that could land on your home or car. That way if a storm comes there won’t be much for it to topple to the ground.

Check out the short clip below and tell us your reaction in the comments.

The clip has been viewed more than 12.1 million times and has been seen all over the internet.

One viewer shared a similar experience, “One day a pine tree in our yard was uprooted and fell down and broke our fence, and the following day me and my dad were cutting it up. Once it was cut at the halfway point, the tree did exactly what this tree did here and flipped right back to its original position.”

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