VIDEO: Millions Are Outraged When Mom Exposes THESE For Picture With Santa…

Updated April 25, 2016

After breastfeeding her baby while seated on Santa’s lap, Rebecca Dunbar from St. Catherine, Ontario received much heated criticism. After the hostile backlash, she turns it around and blames her baby for being hungry.

The mother defends the scenario saying it arose innocently and wasn’t a publicity stunt.

But should mothers really breastfeed in public like this? Watch to find out…

While in line to sit on Santa’s lap, Dunbar said her child got hungry and she was forced to feed him in public.

“We were just in line and my one little guy, who has the patience of NOTHING. So about in two seconds, he decided he was hungry. He would have just screamed the entire time so I started nursing him. And we were next in line,” Dunbar told the interviewer in the video. “I nurse anywhere…[even on] Santa’s lap.”

The photograph was snapped at Dunbar’s local mall. She uploaded it to Facebook to get some laughs from her friends.

But the response to the image was extremely negative. More than 75% of people disapproved of this mother’s “sense of humor.”

Of course, Dunbar admits she is “very pro-breastfeeding” but does that mean she has to do it publicly at the cost of others’ feelings?

Many have called her Santa image “trashy” and “tacky”

What do you think?

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