Video: Nothing I Used Got Grease Off My Cabinets Until She Showed Me Her Simple Method

Updated December 19, 2016

If you do a lot of cooking at home, then you know how grease seems to fly every which way. While you don’t see it happening at the time, after a few weeks and months, you’ll start to notice a greasy film forming on your kitchen cabinets. This film appears most often on the cabinets and appliances near your stove because that’s where it’s leaving your food and getting stuck on things.

Although this greasy buildup is practically unavoidable, you can get rid of it a lot easier than you’d think. I don’t know about you, but I cringe every time I touch a greasy cabinet – and if it is at someone else’s house, I think less of them. I can’t help it.

Thankfully, Teresa Ward partnered up with eHow to create a video tutorial to show you an easy way to remove the greasy film from your cabinets. Check out this life hack and get a cleaner kitchen in minutes today!

If you’ve tried to clean that grease off your wood cabinets with water and soap, you’ve been doing it wrong. But the true solution that works wonders is actually so much simpler than you’d ever have imagined.

You need to use oil to remove the oil.

It really is that easy. Simply dab your paper towel with some mineral oil or even vegetable oil and then wipe off the grease. With a little bit of hard work, you’ll get that annoying film off your cabinets and appliances in a matter of minutes. If you do this trick every month or so, you won’t have to worry about touching a sticky, gooey, cabinet – or having one of your guests accidentally touch the disgusting mess.

In the simple video, Teresa from Teresa’s Family Cleaning explains why this trick works so well.

What do you do if you just moved and the previous tenants left a greasy mess on the cabinets and in the range hood. As you guessed, this method is the best.

TIP: Try Murphy Oil Soap to use the same “oil to penetrate oil" approach. But this old-time favorite cleaner left wood cabinet clean and "silky" without a lot of hard scrubbing, The Kitchn reported.

A little bit about Teresa Ward. Because she loved to clean, she became an entrepreneur and opened up Teresa’s Family Cleaning in Long Island, New York. The company used environmentally friendly products.

But in 2015, Teresa died of a heart attack while she was in West Virginia visiting her son and her grandchildren. She was 56-years-old when she passed away.

Meanwhile, what do some of the 14 million viewers of this tip have to say? Does it actually work? Here’s their response:

“I have just used rape seed oil and the cabinet surfaces look like new again!”

“Wow this actually worked great.  Made it so much easier to clean.  Thanks a lot!”

Will you try this on your kitchen cabinets? Let us know if it works!

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