Video Of Lady Getting Her Ear Blockage Removed Has Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy

Updated July 12, 2017

The internet has opened society up to a never-ending supply of information and knowledge. But along with the encyclopedic breadth of stuff we can learn online, there are thousands of disturbing and disgusting videos that are endlessly entertaining. While Dr. Pimple Popper has created an online following akin to a cyst-exploding cult, people are also infatuated with things getting removed from people’s ears. Videos of bugs and moths getting stuck in people’s ears trend on YouTube regularly. But below, you’re going to see an extreme example of a bodily function gone wrong. See the moment a woman has a gigantic nugget of earwax pulled from her ear. I bet she hears much better now that that thing is gone.

The revolting video included below has accumulated a mass of followers in numerous countries across the world. As you’ll see, the woman who is the subject of the video has a mass of earwax pulled from her inner ear. The disturbing footage was uploaded on the popular YouTube channel Earwax Specialist.

The 3-minute clip starts off relatively harmlessly. The woman with brown hair sits in a chair and allows the specialist to put the tweezers in her ear to begin the procedure. Meanwhile, the doctor continues to wrench boatloads of earwax out of the woman’s right ear.

If you’re disturbed by things like earwax and popping pimples, this procedure is likely going to freak you out. It’s unthinkable to see this much gunk inside the woman’s ear canal blocking her ability to hear clearly.

The thousands, who have viewed the clip in the matter of hours since its release, shared their revulsion and disgust.

The doctor uses the extraction tool to grip onto the dried up part of the earwax clump. Then a large cluster of the buildup breaks off and the doctor removes it from the ear canal.

Many people commented on how disgusting the video was for them to watch. Others focused on how much better the woman’s hearing would have been following the procedure.

A YouTube user shared, “Sorry, I have half a tin of peanut butter in my ear.”

More people shared their revulsion and advice to the woman with the earwax buildup on Mail Online:

“A strange place to keep a Snickers.”

“My mum used a bobby pin on us as kids to scrape it out. My brother always had blockages so she also used a syringe with warm water on him.. he would go deaf then get his ears cleaned and hear again. I remember the big chunks of wax from his ears, lol.”

“Try the wax candles. It’s crazy nasty how much wax is actually in there that you can’t even get to with a q-tip or bobby pin (which are both NOT recommended….)”

“She must have been deaf in that ear. Cannot understand why she didn’t do something about it long before it got to the stage where she needed a doctor.”

“Had to feel better after getting all that crud out not to mention being about to hear out of that ear again.”

What is your initial reaction to the clip?

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