Video Of Lion Celebrating Her Third Birthday With Handler Is Going Viral For Obvious Reasons

Updated March 20, 2017

From a young age, we all know that lions are some of the most dangerous and ferocious animals on the planet. Along with tigers, bears, sharks, and alligators, we all know that if we come across a lion – that is not behind a double-paned wall of glass – we need to slowly back away.

But as this video proves, some lions can have a soft heart underneath their ferocious exterior. The footage uploaded from a Mexican lion sanctuary shows the handler standing inside the lion enclosure when the large feline is allowed in through the gate.

The lioness charges toward the handler and leaps up with her paws extended forward. But instead of slashing him to bits, the lioness embraces him in the biggest, cutest hug you’ll see all day. Check out the heartwarming clip now!

While we might consider this a display of bravery, the handler knew he could trust the lioness not to rip him to shreds because he has worked with her for years. As you continue to watch the clip, the Mexican lion tamer even sits on the floor while the big cat continues to play, even affectionately pinning him to the floor.

Then the lioness starts kissing the human. Although the lion’s teeth are grazing his neck, the handler is all smiles. He doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he could die if the lion decides to change her tune.

Although the clip sounds terrifying, when you watch it, you’ll see just how affectionate this big cat is. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation uploaded the viral clip with the caption: “Happy third birthday to the biggest Neurotic on Planet Earth: Kiara. She’s officially a Señorita. 154 kilograms (339 Pounds) of pure Neurosis.”

The video uploaded wanted to assure all viewers that the lions and other big cats at this Mexican sanctuary were rescued from terrible circumstances:

“For those who do not know: animals here have been rescued from cruel circumstances like circuses, breeding facilities (Both legal and illegal) and from people that have them as pets, providing them with a home, the best food and medical care available, and a life of dignity and Love for the rest of their lives.. The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation provides them with the best lifestyle possible.”

The video was shared on Daily Mail where dozens of readers left comments, including:

“I suspect this man has been working with this big cat since it was a small cub. I’m sure that’s how they established a rapport with each other for this kind of trust. I doubt if a complete stranger stood in front of the cat it would be this affectionate,” Sinbad G wrote.

“That mutual level of respect and trust is awesome! I’m curious about one thing though, what are the stats between male and female lions when it comes to attacks on trainers or bystanders? I’m pretty sure it’s higher for males, not that it matters a whole lot if you happen to be the one getting chomped on,” wrote another U.S. resident.

Do you think this man was taking a risk? Or was he safe to play with the lion?

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