Video Of Premature Baby Saying I Love You Is Causing The Internet To Freak Out [watch]

Updated May 15, 2017

In what is perhaps the most heartwarming footage of 2017, a premature baby born in Ohio made a shocking announcement after finally returning home. Following a stint in the hospital that lasted more than 106 days, mom was overjoyed when the baby was released from the NICU and allowed to go back home with mom and the rest of the family.

But when mom finally got the baby home, she leaned over to it for a quick greeting. And that’s when the tiny baby made a shocking response that was way ahead of its time. Mom could not hold it together knowing that her baby is happy and healthy after such an ordeal.

Watch the shocking footage and see how this baby blew mom’s mind!

When Bennett came into the world, he was only 26-weeks into the pregnancy. With most babies making it closer to 40 weeks, he was in a perilous state. Being born so prematurely, he weighted only 2lbs 1oz. But after staying with the talented doctors in the NICU, he was able to return home after three months of close watch and care.

Mom heard her child giving her the reassurance she needed to know that he was all right. When she leaned forward to tell him sweet nothings, Bennett gurgled a clear “I love you” back to mom. It’s a heartwarming moment that is quickly going viral across the internet.

Perhaps Bennett was just trying to say thank you to his parents. They had practically lived with him in the NICU while he was in the hospital. But now that he was a free baby, he wanted mom and dad to know that he cared.

Although he is very young to be speaking, the video evidence is hard to dispute. This moment was filmed at Bennett’s home in Summit County, Ohio on Darrow Road. The inspiring moment happened on Friday May 5 when Bennett finally made it home.

This is not the first time a very young baby has said words. In a recent story shared on AWM, another mom shared a similar experience with the world. That video was also indisputable.

More than a dozen people have shared their reaction to this adorable footage of Bennett on Daily Mail. Here are some of the most popular comments shared:

“My sister could speak in complete sentences by the time she was 18 months old and you could have a conversation with her and everything. Unfortunately this wasn’t any indication that she would be intelligent because she’s literally as dumb as a box of rocks. She’s 45 and has the intelligence of a 10 year old. She can’t even spell simple words like sugar,” wrote a New Yorker.

“God Bless the family,” wrote a reader from Canada.

Another person gave mom a word of warning: “Enjoy it now lady because in a few years he’ll probably get mad and tell you he hates you!”

What do you think about Bennett saying “I love you” to his mom? Is he really doing it or is it a coincidence?

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