Video Of The Navy’s Newest Ship Getting Launched Into The Water Is Going Viral For Good Reason

Updated July 13, 2017

It’s hard to even fathom the amount of work that goes into building a U.S. Navy ship. The amount of technology that is required to build these vessels is overwhelming and it’s only getting more advanced. Being the most technologically advanced ships in the world, the design and construction of these beauties cost millions and sometimes even billions of dollars. To think about the work and the many hands that go into building these ships is quite breathtaking, but that’s only the start. After the ships are designed, built and engineered, they need to be tested in the waters and they have to undergo several sea trials to make sure they are fit to float.

The Navy’s newest ship, U.S.S. Billings has recently been launched into the water and viewers are amazed by the process that must be completed. The ship, which was named after the largest city in Montana was designed to locate and disarm mines and to fight against enemy submarines. The unique thing about this particular ship is that it will be able to operate in 14 feet of water, which is a first for most naval ships. Its purpose will be to prevent piracy and other threats and will help guard global commerce. Evidently, this is a first of many of these ships, as President Trump has made it his mission to increase the size of the Navy.

One particular video of the boat sliding into the water has gone viral. On a ramp at Lake Michigan, the ship is connected to a hull to prevent damage before it simply slides into the water. As it first hits the water, it rocks back and forth and creates a few massive waves, meanwhile, every worker involved in the creation of the ship is standing by holding their breath that nothing will go wrong.

It’s quite miraculous to see how smoothly the massive ship just slides into the water. Costing $3 million to build, and weighing nearly 4,000 tons, the ship was surprisingly christened with an $8 bottle of wine. Sounds rather unfitting, but it is quite the sight to see the worker crack the bottle of wine up against the ship’s side as viewers cheered on the sidelines. The moment was a happy one and it’s evident that a sense of pride was felt between everyone who had a hand in building it.

While several viewers of the video applauded the workers, some disagreed with how the money was spent…

“They will be “Billings” the American people for this death machine. Coulda bought a few sandwiches for the homeless, but NO!”

“Ok, I am an entrenched conservative and I love our military and our soldiers. I have nothing but respect for our servicemen and I think they are some of the best Americans there are. But we need to stop being the world’s police. Nobody appreciates our efforts, many of our attempts to stabilize unstable areas in shit hole corners of the world backfire on us, and what few successes we’ve had in restoring order in these places, well it just seems like they crumble in another decade or two anyway and go right back to where they were.”