Video: Older Man Leaves Young Punk Humiliated After He Attacks His Wife And Daughter

Updated September 27, 2016

When a drunk, 25-year-old bully decided to be rude to other people on the beach, he thought his youth and strength was enough to keep other people from fighting back. But when his derogatory comments reached the ears of this 44-year-old man, the “old man” was forced to stand up and protect his wife and daughter from the bully.

Every bully thinks they won’t have to face the consequences of their actions. But as soon as someone stands up to them, they usually crumble into nothing. So when the 25-year-old punk thought he was just verbally attacking women, he didn’t know the father was nearby.

So when the dad finally stands up to the young punk and confronts him, things take a turn quickly. And the bully winds up on his butt embarrassed. And best of all, the entire confrontation was caught on tape…

As you will see, the 44-year-old hero approached the bully in order to tell him to stop messing around. The punk’s remarks were offending the women on the beach and this dad wanted to protect his family.

When the man approached the young bully, the jerk immediately turned hostile. He felt compelled to prove his weakened “manhood” to the older gentleman. So he lifted his fists and tried to strike out like an immature boy.

The punk even goes so far as to say that he has hit lots of old men despite how old they are. He tries to pretend he is tough but no one is buying it. He is just an angry and drunk loser with nothing better to do.

Watch the video below to see how the 44-year-old man put the punk in his place in front of everyone at the beach.

Since this clip was uploaded last January, more than 9.9 million people have tuned in to watch the punk get what’s coming to him.

Watch how the protective gentleman knocks the bully out in one punch at the 1-minute mark in the clip.

Here’s what other viewers had to say about watching the man get his lights knocked out.

“legends say he’s still lying on the beach”

“He should’ve just kept stomping on his head until there was nothing left. Dudes like this deserve to be put down.”

“IF YOURE THE YOUNG MAN WHO GOT ASSAULTED! please contact me, im an independent film maker and we want to turn the events of that day into a short film. we want to title it “F**KWIT GETS KNOCKED STUPID” now we wouldn’t be able to pay you anything …but we need you on board as an advisor, to train mark wahlberg on how to act like a c**khead and get stretched the f**k out by a 40yr old dad. please please contact me urgently!!!”

“That old man strength. That’s why you don’t mess with old people, or people in general. Never know when you’re going to mess with the wrong person, this was justice.”

“Respect your elders! Pop went the weasel! Lmao”

What is your reaction? Did the punk get what he deserved?

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