VIDEO: Police Sent Him Diving To The Bottom Of The Ocean. What He Ends Up Finding? HORRIFYING

Updated February 2, 2016

During what appears to be a police investigation on a lake, they send down a diver to investigate one last time to make sure they haven’t missed any valuable evidence.

Soon after the diver descends, he finds a group of cinder blocks with chains tied around them. When he looks a little closer, he finds something that makes his blood run cold.

Right next to the cinder blocks, the diver found an iron manacle that reveals the reason. Someone was chained to the cinder blocks and thrown into the lake. But where is the body?

The answer to that question is more horrifying than you’d imagine.

After discovering the chain and manacles, the diver looks to the right and sees a baby carriage. It also has chains tied around it.

Who could have tossed a baby into the water like that?

But the nightmare dive isn’t over yet.

A crazed woman, perhaps a zombie, jumps out at him. She seems to be holding her zombie baby.

The diver hurries and tries to escape. But then the nightmare only gets worse…

Watch the clip now to discover how it ends.

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