Video: Rescue Dog Is Being Hailed A Hero. Saves Owner’s Life After Sensing Danger Inside Wall

Updated May 16, 2017

They say that everything happens for a reason and more times than not, you can look back on your life and see an obvious sign that led us to an outcome during one of life’s major events.

When Drew Smith was on the hunt for a dog, he knew that he wanted to rescue one and he knew that he wanted a golden retriever. But, like most things in life, everything happens for a reason, and instead of rescuing a golden retriever, Drew found himself drawn to a tan and white spaniel in the rescue shelter in Bonita, California.

“When I walked by his cage, I knew,” said Drew about the sweet 16-pound dog who may have been much smaller than the golden retriever that he dreamed about, but this dog would prove to have a much bigger heart and solid instincts. Drew ended up adopting the dog he would later name “Carl,” and the two were soon inseparable. Drew was known to take Carl everywhere with him.

“He loves everybody,” said Drew. “I can take him almost anywhere with me.”

For the first three weeks that Drew owned Carl, he had never heard him bark so he wasn’t even sure the dog was capable of expressing himself vocally, but he soon learned that Carl’s voice would be heard when it was needed.

On January 21st, he found his voice. Carl had been acting strange all day. He was restless and worried and had been pacing back and forth. After his 10:00 walk with Carl, Drew went to bed but he was woken up just a little while later to the sound of Carl barking and licking his face. At first, he brushed the dog’s odd behavior off, but he realized that his throat hurt so he reached over for a glass of water from his night stand. That is when he smelled the smoke. A fire had taken over his apartment after it had been brewing in his walls all day long. This explained Carl’s odd behavior that went on all day long.

By the time Carl was alerted to the fire, his smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector were going off and he was well aware of the danger. He grabbed Carl immediately and the two raced out of the apartment.  Had Carl not woken Drew up, there is no telling how bad the damage would’ve been and because the dog used his instincts to alert his owner, both of their lives were spared.

When Drew made the decision to rescue Carl he knew that he was saving him but he never thought Carl would return the favor.

“He saved my life, “said Drew. “Who knows if I would’ve woken up.”

Since Carl’s heroic act, he has earned the name “Carl the Wonder Pup,” in the apartment complex where he lives. Drew says that this is a reason why everyone should consider adopting a pup from a rescue shelter because you never know when they will actually be the ones rescuing you.