VIDEO: She Lays Her 4 Babies On The Bed To Get Them Dressed. What Happens Next? I AM CRACKING UP!

Updated February 9, 2016

If you are a parent, you know how crazy life can be when your child is still young.  Raising children is hard!  Imagine that you have one child, and then you are told that you will have triplets.  That is what happened for Corrie-Lynn White and Dan Gibson of Ontario, Canada.

 They had one toddler at the time that they were informed of the impending triplets.  Now, that toddler is going through the terrible twos, and each triplet is eight months old.  You can only imagine what daily life must be like in this household!

 As a demonstration of how difficult it can be to even dress the four youngsters, the mother posted a video on Facebook showing a sped up version of her dressing her kids.   

She has the process down!  She easily maintains enough control over the kids to keep them from running or crawling away too far, and she manages to wiggle them into onesies.  Props to this mom!

The video was posted to the Facebook page that the parents run.  This page, which also has Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and blog formats, is called “The Baby Gang.”  

The parents use this page to give insight into how to raise children and to share and document their child-raising experiences.  This page serves to be a long lasting memoir of how their family has grown.

Check out the video to watch Whyte in action, and feel free to show it to your friends and family.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think!