VIDEO: She Never Thought This Would Happen To Her On Camera. What Gets Exposed? EMBARRASSING

Updated July 26, 2016

When a bunch of beach goers decided to hit the waves and lounge out on the sand, they had no reason why they all had this Monday in May off from work. A news correspondent from “The O’Reilly Factor” decided to hit the beach too. But her bought along his camera crew and a microphone. He planned to go to Jones Beach on Long Island, NY to ask American citizens about what they know about Memorial Day.

Sadly, these people had no clue why they were off from work or what the national holiday meant for them.

On the viral video clip, Jesse Watters approaches attractive beach goers in their bikinis to see if the myth is true and they really do have brains. But unfortunately, he finds that the stereotype is proven all too true as he proceeds to ask young people about American military history.

In the first question in the Waters’ World segment, Watters approaches a young woman in an animal-print bikini and asks her simply, “Do you know why you’re off today?” Her answer will astound you. The citizen had no idea that Memorial Day was a thing let alone what it meant.

A second pair of young women at least know that Memorial Day is for “You know. America. Fallen soldiers.” But then Jesse follows up with a simple question about the Revolutionary War. You know, asking who America fought for our independence. But do they know that answer? Apparently not.

Just watch the rest of the segment and you’ll be blown away by these young people’s lack of basic American military history knowledge. Here is what some commenters on the YouTube video had to say. Do you agree with them?

  • “These people are all walking arguments for some kind of intellectual competency requirement for voting. People who know nothing have no business participating in the governance of a society that makes rules for others,” Joel Gehrke wrote.
  • “Oh wow…my jaw was dropping at the answers.I bet they know when Kim Kardashian’s birthday is or a few quotes out of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx…this is disgusting and embarrassing to see as a white American of European descent,” Mark W. wrote.
  • “I blame the internet for stupidity. People more obsessed with texting & Twitter to worry about the real world. Ironic that I blame the things that I use daily but it’s true. People should still pay attention to the real world because if they don’t it will come back to bite them. The fact they look stupid already shows that.”
  • “These students should be ashamed of themselves. This is basic knowledge that they should have acquired after finishing highschool. Come on! Each year they celebrate the 4th of July and they don’t even know the history  behind it?!”
  • “This is so sad. This language named English is one they should learn to read and then pick up a history book from a Jr High and get in touch with history.”

Please WATCH THE CLIP and share your thoughts about the controversial video exposing these Americans in the comments below!