VIDEO: She Thought He Would Be An Easy Victim Because He Was Old But Here’s What Happened Instead…

Updated February 25, 2016

When Victor Bejarano woke up that morning, he thought he was in for just another normal day. He went to run his errands at the auto parts store but suddenly things went wrong fast.

The military veteran was attacked by a big woman in the parking lot. She demanded his wallet. But he wasn’t prepared to give it away so easily.

Less than six months ago, Bejarano lost his wallet and had to replace all his cards. He would do anything to NOT do that again.

But this woman was persistent and demanded all his money.

Video footage captured the Fresno, California veteran defending himself from the would-be robber. The theft quickly moved from the lot to the store but no one stepped in to help the 73-year-old veteran.

However, the former soldier managed to fight off the woman and keep his wallet safe.

After he scared the thief away, he admitted he didn’t even have cash in his wallet. He later told reporters that if the woman was in desperate need, he would have given her something to help.

Theft doesn’t pay.

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