VIDEO: She Thought It Was A One Time Occurrence. But What She Captures On Camera Multiple Times? OMG

Updated April 14, 2016

A video, which seems to show a toddler possessed by a spirit late at night, has gone viral. In the eerie video, the screaming baby seems to want to be anywhere but in the bedroom alone. Maybe there’s some entity in there scaring him.

The clip shows a nightmare moment during toddler Connor’s night alone in his crib. In the bone-chilling video, Connor climbs and stands up on the crib’s railing. But what’s next will haunt you…

In the video, the boy wakes up and starts howling and screaming. He climbs the edge of the crib despite the height.

Then he stands there, balancing. He screams and screams. He puts his arms out front like a zombie.

At the 30-second mark, the human in Connor seems to come back to him. He starts yelling for his mommy. But then the demon seems to possess the toddler again…

Seconds later, a supernatural force rips the toddler back down into his crib. His head slams against the floating mobile on the way down. Then Connor starts crying in pain.

The clip is made even creepier because of the night vision camera. Connor’s haunted eyes seem to glow in the dark like a demon.

“Caught on Nanny cam in the middle of the night… No children were harmed. This is not my child in the video,” reads the caption underneath the video, which was shared by Chris and Keelan Chronicles.

Most viewers think there’s nothing spooky going on here. Just a toddler who can balance like an Olympic gymnast.

But other people aren’t so sure…

“Did anyone notice that ghost leaving his body just before he fell back ???” one commenter wrote on YouTube.

What’s your opinion? Should people be scared of this seemingly possessed toddler?

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