Video Should Be Used As A Warning To Parents Who Lets Kids Play On An Escalator [watch]

Updated May 16, 2017

Far too often children use escalators as jungle gyms in public settings and far too often this results in a major incident that leads to severe injury.

A nine-year-old boy in Istanbul, Turkey was recently “swallowed” by an escalator when he decided to try and race up in in the wrong direction. The video shows the boy running toward the downward escalator. He then climbs up a few steps but he slips and falls. He grabs the railing but ends up getting caught at the bottom and his body gets sucked in up to his waist. It appears as if his leg somehow becomes trapped in a space between the steps.

There is no shortage of help, as several witnesses, along with his mother come racing over to rescue the boy. His mother is up front desperately trying to pull the boy up and to safety. When she wasn’t making any progress, firefighters were called out to the scene. They used a circular saw to free the boy and several hours later he was released from the escalators grip with surprisingly no injuries.

While elevators and escalators are fun for kids to play around on, they can result if severe injuries and even death. This young boy was lucky and we can guess that he will never take his chances playing around on an escalator again. In fact, he may stay as far away from the moving staircases as possible.

Commenters agreed on the danger of escalators…

“Hello escalators eat people. Do not muck around as they will win. I never ever let my kids play on them NO WAY.”

“Glad the kid is okay… but I’m surprised their clothing isn’t grabbed by escalators more often.”

It is quite surprising that more clothing isn’t taken hostage by escalators, especially with all the baggy items that people wear and carry around. Shopping bags alone seem like they would pose a problem and get sucked up easily.

Others didn’t have much pity for the young boy…

“I guess he learned his lesson and will never try this stupid stunt again.”

“The footage should be shown to all kids as a warning.”

Maybe malls should start playing this video on repeat on a big screen so other children will be aware of the threat of escalators. There is no doubt that this is a terrifying video and the boy’s mother must’ve been frightened when she saw her son literally being sucked up by the moving staircase.

The same goes for those people movers in airports. You really have to be cautious when you step off and on and when you hold onto the railings. People don’t realize that the railings don’t move with you and they get pulled back when they are actually trying to go forward. Surely this has resulted in several falls and injuries.

It only takes a minute to make one poor decision that can lead to a fatal incident. Luckily this boy had a team of people looking out for him and firefighters with the right tools.