VIDEO: The Honeymooners Had Many Memorable Moments. But Few Stand Out In My Mind Like This Scene

Updated September 8, 2016

There are so many great cultural aspects of life that existed back in the days of black and white TV when people had a completely different view on life and law.  There were different types of music, different types of movies, and best of all, the dancing back then was much more fun than it is today.

Scurrying around the floor to a face paced rhythm and waving your arms around to trumpets, saxophones, and pianos creating a lively beat is the memorable style that people love from the 20’s, 40’s, and 50’s  and something that is hard to find in today’s music.

If you want to take a throwback to an old dance that was ever so popular back in 1949, then you would like to hear of “The Hucklebuck” which was a famous dance and song by Paul Williams.  It may have seemed like quite a silly dance, but it was one that was sweeping across the nation with the speed of light, capturing people’s minds and hearts.

It wasn’t so appealing for nothing either, it had some fun and silly lure to it that none of the other dances were able to provide.

In a recording of a TV show named The Honeymooners that was posted on YouTube, two men named Ralph and Norton are trying to dance, and one of them is having quite a bit of trouble being able to move his hips back and forth.  He wants to be able to dance so that he can take his wife out for a date with dancing and rollerblading, so he has his friend come over and try to help him learn to dance: they are learning the Hucklebuck.

You can learn how to dance the Hucklebuck again by looking at these two, and not only are they pretty descriptive in their words on how to perform the routine, but they are funny at it too.

You need to be able to move you hips like there’s no tomorrow, and swing your arms like they are spaghetti.  It may be a bit challenging, but once you feel the beat it will be awesome to dance this one again.

The Hucklebuck is classified as a jazz and R&B dance which was recorded by the Hucklebuckers.  The tune was actually composed by Andy Gibson, and the lyrics were written separately by Roy Alfred.

The song’s structure is also quite interesting.  It is a 12 bar blues which is a common type of chord progression that is found in many old songs, boogie woogies, and early rock songs that you might be familiar with by Elvis.

The dance gained such popularity due to its movements of gyrating hips, which the female would perform while the male held her shoulder and hip, or the male would perform while the female laid on her back and the male moved over her head.

If you want to see the snippet of the Hucklebuck for yourself, check it out in the video below and let us know what you think of this dance down in the comments!