VIDEO: These Look Like Two Ordinary Horses. But Keep Your Eye On What The Darker Brown One Can Do…

Updated February 17, 2016

Because they wanted to share their beloved horse with the world, the owners of this gorgeous black Arabia horse took out their camera and started filming.

But when the horse started trotting around the family barn, no one could believe what they saw. Her way of running is absolutely unlike any horse you’ve seen before. It looks like she’s floating above the ground!

When you see this horse trotting, keep your eyes focused on her legs. The way she trots makes it appear like she’s gliding through the air.

Anyone riding on this horse’s back would have a ride smoother than a Rolls Royce.

This horse is even more graceful than a professional ballerina.

Known for grace and showmanship, Arabian horses are a sight to behold. They are one of the world’s most easily recognized horse breeds and have existed for more than 4,000 years!

“I could watch her for hours.  So beautiful and graceful …” one viewer noted.

Watch the 2 ½ minute video from start to finish now.

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