VIDEO: These Teens Laid Down To Form An Arrow. What They Lead This Helicopter To? UNFATHOMABLE

Updated June 8, 2016

For most kids, police officers are about the closest things to a real-life superhero. Except for some kids in lower income neighborhoods like these three in Memphis who were terrified of the cops until one stopped to teach them the truth. But that’s another story…

For many children, being a cop is a dream of their own. Just like others hope to become a firefighter, a doctor, or a lawyer.

Seeing a police officer dressed in uniform with their commanding presence is an exciting thing for a kid to witness in public. They earn respect as soon as they put on the badge.

But for twelve kids in Surrey, England, they did much more than excitedly ogle the police officers in the helicopter. They did something that helped them put a horrible criminal behind bars.

While participating in an Easter egg hunt aiming to raise money for victims of leukemia, 12 kids noticed something strange. Two criminals ran past the event and shortly after a police helicopter flew by the open field.

The kids decided to think quickly. And what they did didn’t just help the police apprehend one criminal, but two!

The kids dropped to the ground and formed an arrow to point the police in the direction of the criminals on the run.

Their idea was not only creative but extremely useful to the police who needed some help finding the dangerous crooks.

Because the children respected the police officers’ work, they wanted to do anything they could to help. Forming an arrow on the ground was the perfect way for them to contribute to the search without risking their safety or putting any of the 12 young kids in danger.

One of the children shouted “let’s get into an arrow!” They were eager to do right by the cops. They listened and as a group they got to the ground. You can see the kids’ arrow in the video below!

When the police officers saw the arrow, they thought the children were just playing a prank. But then they started to realize what the kid were doing and it click. The police helicopter went in the direction of the arrow and they were able to apprehend two criminals because of the children’s direction.

After they got the criminals in custody, the police landed the helicopter in front of the children in the field and praised them for their quick thinking.

In the video footage below, you’ll see exactly how well it worked. As you can tell, the police follow the arrow all the way across the field into the woods. When they turn on the infrared camera, they can spot the criminal hiding from the police.

The arrow worked like a charm.

But it should be noted that these children didn’t just become heroes after helping out the police. Since they were hunting easter eggs for other children with leukemia, they were already heroes.

Thank you so much for your quick-thinking kids!

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