VIDEO: They All Doubted This 4-Year-Old’s Talent. What He Does At The Piano? Steve Harvey Is STUNNED

Updated March 18, 2016

Every so often a prodigy emerges with such prodigious talent, the world is stunned. You’ve seen this with the Mozarts and Picassos of the world.

But with the birth of the internet, we’re getting introduced to more and more prodigies every year.

Now, one such talent has just been discovered on Steve Harvey’s newest TV program, Little Big Shot. Meet the 4-year-old Evan with an out-of-this-world talent for playing piano.

Although Evan has only been playing the piano for a few months, your ears will deceive you into thinking he’s a certain famous concert virtuoso come back to earth for another go-around.

Besides being amazingly talent, Evan is also a cute, darling little boy.

If Evan continues to love what he does, we’re sure that his parents will help him take his skill to the next level.

Before long we’re sure Evan will have a recording deal and will get his face on a brand-new album.

Steve Harvey is stunned this 4-year-old can play so well.

“I want to apologize to my seven children,” Harvey says. “Obviously, somewhere down the line I failed you miserably. I’m sorry kids?”

What’s your reaction to Evan’s talent?

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