VIDEO: They Were Doing A Live Broadcast Of Storm Damage When They See THIS In The Distance. OMG

Updated March 11, 2016

After parts of Texas were ravaged by extreme wind-storms – including tornadoes – reporters took to the streets to survey the damage.

During one of these reports, a reporter was surveying the destructions left in the wake of the storm. But then she notices something out-of-the-ordinary. One dog is watching them perched on top of a lawnmower.

While reporting on the devastation, Andrea Martinez couldn’t help but smile and point when she saw a Labrador retriever watching her from the distance.

During her assignment for local news station KYTX, Martinez discovered something she never expected.

A dog was seated atop a ride-on lawnmower looking at the reporter ready for his 15-minutes of fame.

After capturing the hilarious footage, KYTX uploaded the moment to their Facebook page so everyone could laugh along with the reporter.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday and has already gotten more than 560,000 views.

Viewers loved the scene shraing comments like:

“Good to have a laugh when things are crazy all around you!”

“Update: He charges $30/ hr for his lawn service.”

“He looks like he has had ENOUGH of this crazy Texas weather. He is gonna be “On the Road Again” with Willie Nelson.”


While surveying the damage in Malakoff, Andrea Martinez KYTX stumbled upon an interesting scene, to say the least. Watch the video below! #cbs19wx

Posted by KYTX CBS19 on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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