VIDEO: They Were Filming The Ocean Floor When THIS Came On Screen. Even Scientists Are Dumbfounded..

Updated February 18, 2016

Whenever I see images of deep-sea creatures, like this monster that washed up on an Australian beach, I feel like they could be aliens from another world. Some creatures are so grotesque and scary you can’t get them out of your imagination.

But when scientists sent a remote camera down toward the bottom of the ocean, they captured creatures on camera that just shouldn’t be known to humans. View the disturbing footage now!

Hundreds of yards below the surface of the ocean, a remote camera spotted a creature that has not yet officially been identified.

Some speculate that it’s a sea monster while the skeptical say it’s only a deep-sea jellyfish called Deepstaria enigmatica.

But the creature floating in the water off an oil-rig has sparked a passionate discussion online that doesn’t seem to be generating any certain answers.

At the 1:45-mark in the clip, the glowing underside of the alien creature is exposed. Is there something shining a light inside it?

But the mystery continues to grow…

About a minute later, a glowing tentacle is seen protruding from the beast.

But that’s not all. At the 4-minute mark, you’ll notice something completely shocking. What is it? What’s going on? Once again you’ll see the protruding tentacle…

What do you think this creature is?

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