VIDEO: They Weren’t Allowed To Say THIS On TV, So Lucile Ball Did Something Few Ever Remember…

Updated February 1, 2016

I Love Lucy is one of the best iconic TV shows from the 1950’s. Lucille Ball created a one-of-a-kind comedy persona that can’t be topped. Whether Lucy was trying to get herself on stage with Ricky, finding herself face-to-face with one of her favorite celebrities, or getting herself in trouble with a strange new job, each episode brought a new heartwarming tale to audiences around the nation.

On a 1952 episode Lucy tries to find a way to announce her pregnancy on air to Ricky. At the time Lucy was five months pregnant and the network’s board of standards would not allow her to say the word ‘“pregnant” on air. Writers had to use terms like “expecting” and “blessed event” to announce the character’s upcoming arrival.

Lucy was already half way along in her pregnancy with her husband Desi Arnaz’s second child. As Ricky on TV, he discovers the happy news when Lucy makes her way down to his club for a special song request.

She sent a note to the bandleader explaining that she hadn’t found the right time to tell her husband about the baby and wanted to use his performance of “We’re Having a Baby” to do so.
Ricky was ecstatic to perform the song for the anonymous note-writer, but wanted to congratulate the couple himself. Watch the heartwarming video when he realizes he’s the one who’s going to be the father!

Check out the video below to see the full scene in action!