VIDEO: This Little Boy Was Born Without Eyes, But When They Sat Him Down In Front Of A Piano…WOW!

Updated February 2, 2016

When Patrick Hughes was first born, his dad burst into tears. Since his son was born without eyes and limbs that didn’t work properly, dad thought all the little boy’s dreams would be hopeless. How could he ever hope to become something great?

But when he was just a toddler, Patrick proved to the world that his disability would not stop him from expressing his heart and soul. And he found his voice and purpose through music…

At just 2-years-old, Patrick demonstrated amazing and unprecedented promise on the piano. Simply by feeling around the piano and listening to the radio, Patrick was able to learn songs. He quickly memorized them and could play them at will.

When he entered elementary school, Patrick started playing piano publicly.

But his musical talents went far beyond just the piano. When he entered college at the University of Louisville, the professor recommended Patrick for the marching band – despite his disabilities.

Patrick and his family had no idea how they would be able to pull that off. But thanks to his dedicated and loving father, Patrick made it to the field with all the other Louisville musicians.

As you see in the video below, Patrick’s father sacrifices so much for his son. Without his father’s undying support, Patrick might never have been able to achieve his dreams to the extent he has. And he is still such a young man.

We can’t judge people by their disabilities. God has blessed us all the same.

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